About VIP Group

Welcome to VIP

In the VIP group based in Istanbul, we offer customers, who want to create pioneering digital projects, an integrated packages that includes ready-made websites.

With domain names that are unique, and we have carefully selected and registered them within the World Wide Web.

In addition to the website, the package includes social media pages like: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube….

Also we designed Logos  and visual identity for each package.
The customer who buys one of the ready-made packages, can start practicing his electronic business immediately, and does not need to wait for a long time.  Not alike the traditional projects where the customer goes to one of the website programming companies, and asks to search for a domain name that may be difficult to find it available, and after booking the name, the website design requires a period of no less than 15 days With the best expectation to be ready, then a similar period to is needed for the modifications requested by the customer, and then a period of time to list the site on search engines, and start appearing in search results, and many other things.
We were distinguished by providing these ready-made sites and saved customers a lot of effort and time, as all the sites that we offer to customers were designed to be able to start immediately work.

Our vision:

Providing electronic projects with distinctive and wonderful ideas and designs for distinguished people who appreciate the product presented to them and are ready for immediate action at a time when speed has become a key factor to keep pace with challenges at work.

Our mission:

Keeping abreast of developments in the labor market and presenting modern ideas that help a segment of clients to start profitable projects in a relatively short period of time, and within an integrated framework.
We put all our experiences in digital work at the service of our customers and provide them with practical advice to start their projects and launch them in the labor market and e-commerce